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NEODOMI Construction is a Technical – Construction Company. It was founded in February 1991 in Thessaloniki in order to study and construct general and special technical projects. Its rapid ascent in the construction sector and the incredible increase of its turnover led, 9 years later, to the expansion of the company’s activities to Athens, from where projects undertaken in Southern Greece would be coordinated.
NEODOMI Construction has the technical know-how for constructing specialised projects, such as industrial buildings, office buildings, buildings for special purposes, athletic installations, electrical-engineering – energy and environmental projects. It is on the shortlist of the country’s major construction firms (AKTOR, J&P, GEK), undertaking large-scale sub-contractor work. Furthermore, it is one the companies recommended by the Public Health Infrastructure Development Company (DEPANOM) for health sector projects (Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, etc.).

An important parameter of the company’s success is its qualified personnel, its workforce: Professionals and scientists with excellent technical and University qualifications, modern technical know-how and long experience.
The human workforce of NEODOMI Construction Company consists of two basic groups:
a) personnel with long technical experience, many of whom have been company executives since the establishment of the company
b) personnel with University qualifications and high level studies in Greece and abroad.

NEODOMI Construction believes that continuing education for its staff is an investment in future success. This is a move that contributes towards maintaining the company’s contemporary business profile and towards continuously upgrading its human force’s knowledge. Thus, executives participate in educational/training seminars and programmes both in Greece and abroad in order to safeguard a high level of technical know-how, which, in turn, guarantees a high level of services for every construction project.

The ability to cover every modern construction need presupposes suitable equipment. Thus, NEODOMI Construction has invested in its logistical infrastructure and possesses ultra-modern technological and engineering equipment that can meet the needs of even the most demanding construction projects.

NEODOMI Construction is active in the following project sectors:

Study and construction of general projects
·  Construction projects
·  Industrial buildings  
·  Athletic installations
·  Restorations – Renovations
·  Electrical – engineering applications
·  Plumbing projects
·  Environmental projects

Design and construction of special projects
·  Restorations of historic monuments
·  Construction of hygienic landfills (XYTA)
·  Reservoirs – Water tanks
·  Drainage (continuous and point)
·  Biological treatment
·  Large-scale Interior Layout Design
·  Energy saving through RES applications
·  Ecclesiastical projects

SYNTHIA POLIS: A model of dynamic development
NEODOMI, always pioneering the conception and implementation of innovative ideas in the sector of construction, environmental and energy projects, is focusing its business interest on Sindos, laying the groundwork for a model dynamic development of the district.
The business interest of NEODOMI Construction focuses on an area near the Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) that is residentially and financially unutilized and opens new prospects. This is an area of 1,000 stremmas (equal to 1,000 km2) available for the expansion of Sindos and the creation of a new district.
This new district aspires to becoming the hub for the management of the 100,000 residents of the Municipality, at the first stage, and then creating a broader market area for the regions surrounding Echedoros.
NEODOMI Construction is placing its own business interest at the hub of the new district, where the utilization of financial opportunities leads to the creation of a modern residential, social and cultural web. The first in a series of buildings, i.e. SYNTHIA POLIS I, has already been signed for. This is a four-storey building in full harmony with modern architectural trends that consists of 50 student residences (studios) of excellent construction and is addressed to anyone wishing to make a high-yield investment in a building of modern specifications. Each studio has an area varying between 30.20 m2 and 38.62 m2 and is independent, fully equipped and air-conditioned. This project is the pilot for the implementation of the plan for the Development of a Network of Private Student Residential Homes.

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