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NEODOMI, a pioneer in construction, is also playing a leading role in the field of property development. By utilizing its deep knowledge of the subject and its long experience, thanks to its activities in the sector of construction, the company has managed to stand out among its competitors and develop a particularly strong profile in the sector of real estate.

The driving force of the company in the sector of Real Estate is, once again, its staff and partners. Deep and comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market, dynamism and zeal, long experience and steady orientation towards individualized needs of clients are just some of our executives’ skills that ensure high level of services in the property development sector.

Through its dynamic and successful course, NEODOMI has already managed to acquire extensive technical know-how, a necessary resource in the Real Estate market. However, NEODOMI does not stop there; it is smoothly continuing its developmental policy so as to be ready to continuously develop its products and services, steadily focusing on the increasing number of modern housing demands.

NEODOMI Real Estate is active throughout the full range of Real Estate, both in sales and rentals, providing the most up-to-date, comprehensive proposals and solutions for property development. The quality and breadth of its services have elevated NEODOMI Real Estate to one of the top companies in the sector.

Business Plan for the Development and Management of a Network of Private Student Residential Homes in Regions of Greece and the Balkans.
This business idea is based on the fact that in Greece, in contrast to the countries of Western Europe, the network of Private Student Residential Homes (PSRH) is not adequately developed.
The need to develop a PSRH network that meets the housing needs of students - both in terms of aesthetics (adequately designed buildings with fully equipped studios) and in terms of provision of support services (security, sanitation, Internet availability, etc.) - is both recognized and imperative. Moreover, buildings cater exclusively for students and promote their socialising habits, since the entire building functions as a student district.
The construction of the building in Sindos district, with 50 fully equipped studies, marks the beginning of the implementation of this ambitious plan by NEODOMI Construction. Its expansion provides for the development of similar SRH of uniform architectural structure (branding the company’s identity) in at least five Greek cities with an adequate student population and three other Balkan cities with a strong Greek presence. At the same time, the prospect of expanding the business plan to Universities in Middle Eastern countries is being investigated. The total budget of the plan for development in Greece and the Balkans amounts to approximately €25,000,000.

Business Plan for the Development and Management of an Investment of Tourism Interest in the Prefecture of Ilia (Peloponnesus)
During the last three years, NEODOMI Real Estate has been developing targeted business activities in Peloponnesus, placing emphasis on the Zacharo – Samikon – Ancient Olympia axis.
The region is renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty and the important monuments of Ancient Greek civilization that place it at the focal point of global tourism interest, a fact that has been expressed in recent years through specific initiatives and actions.
The company is studying an investment plan for the construction of a tourism complex over an area of up to 10,000 m2 on privately owned land covering 40 stremmas (equal to 40 km2) and with the possibility of further expansion. The privately owned property is located at a strategic, privileged location on the central road axis between Katakolo and Kalamata, close to Ionia Odos, a motorway under construction. The location is just 1,500 metres from the beautiful Samiko beach and just 1,500 metres from spa facilities and Caiaphas lake, located 12 kilometers from Ancient Olympia and 20 kilometers from the tourist port of Katakolo.
The area has been included by the Greek state in the top priority areas for development, with investment subsidy percentages of up to 60%. It is noted that the broader area of Olympia and Samikon, which attracts thousands of tourists from around the world throughout the year, does not feature any large, modern hotels. At the same time, the area is available for alternative forms of tourism and related investment schemes (cultural tourism, sports tourism, therapeutic – spa tourism, physical rehabilitation centres, etc.).
The plan’s total budget is approximately €20,000,000 and will be implemented by NEODOMI Construction.

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