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NEODOMI Energy, always consistent with the principles of innovation that have characterized the company since its establishment, recognised the impending need for a transition towards alternative energy sources very early on.
Already since the 90s, the company was aware of the great development that Renewable Energy Sources and, specifically, Photovoltaic Systems (P/V) were to present in the Energy balance of Greece and the broader region. This is why NEODOMI Energy invested in the energy sector, a sector that today proves to be more pivotal than ever.

NEODOMI Energy is defined, more than anything else, by its people: competent executives distinguished for their high educational background, their comprehensive technical and University education on energy issues, professionals and scientists who combine excellent technical know-how with long and valuable experience are prepared to successfully complete any project.

Innovative since its establishment, NEODOMI Energy has acquired significant know-how in energy issues through undertaking the construction and completion of Photovoltaic Parks in Crete and other regions of Greece.
This action took place within the framework of the 2nd Community Framework and gave the company an important comparative advantage over its competitors.
At the same time, fully comprehending the need for ensuring high technical know-how for the projects that concern energy and environmental issues, NEODOMI Energy aims at continuously upgrading its services and is a pioneer in undertaking the most ambitious projects.

The undertaking and successful completion of energy applications requires, apart from able executives and modern technical know-how, the contribution of suitable technological equipment. NEODOMI Energy provides the most suitable means for the implementation of each and every project, using the most updated logistical infrastructure. Thus, the successful completion of each project is taken for granted.


NEODOMI Energy is active throughout the full range of energy applications, promoting relevant business plans and supporting innovative investment schemes that concern environmental – energy issues.
The company is active in the construction of Photovoltaic Parks of great power with the introduction of Photovoltaic generators manufactured by major international firms.


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